Our Programs
  • Music Week

    Spend an entire week learning more about music!

  • Ecology Week

    Spend an entire week leaning more about ecology!

  • Horse Week

    Spend an entire week learning more about horses!

  • Teen Week

    Spend an entire week learning more about teens!

Saint Andrew's is a pan-Orthodox sleep-away summer camp located on the shores of Lake Oneida in Jewell, NY. It has been offering a camping program for over 50 years, bringing children together and creating lasting friendships.

Saint Andrew’s Camp has been providing an Orthodox sleep-away camping program for over 50 years.  It is located on 30 acres wooded, field, and waterfront property on the beautiful shores of Lake Oneida in Jewell, New York.  The camp is a valuable resource of the OCA‘s Diocese of New York and New Jersey, but has traditionally welcomed campers and staff  from all geographies and jurisdictions for a pan-Orthodox camping experience.

Camp is the place where Orthodox youth ages 7 and older meet, make friends, and live in a community of brothers and sisters in Christ.  Camp also provides the opportunity for Orthodox adults of all ages to come together as of staff, volunteers, clergy and parents.

Camp is great!  For those of you who have been part of Saint Andrew’s in one way, shape, or form, you know this.  You have likely made lasting friendships with peers, counselors and clergy, and have fond memories of your camping adventures.

For those of you who are not as familiar with camp, the below graphic tells the story of what camp is all about – the ins and outs of summer life at Saint Andrew’s.

So what do we mean by each of these areas?

Chapel & Worship

  • Daily morning and evening prayers in Chapel
  • Liturgy served during the week and on Sundays
  • Celebration of the feasts (Transfiguration and Dormition, with the blessing of fruit and flowers)
  • Liturgical singing and reading/chanting along with instruction from music professionals


  • Bonfires
  • Cookouts
  • Family-style meals
  • All age groups and generations join the camp community (as campers, staff, and volunteers)

Religious Education

  • Daily Christian life sessions with visiting clergy, hierarchs, and experienced teachers
  • Age-appropriate and tailored religious education
  • Bible study

Sports and Activities

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Time capsules
  • Olympics / Relay Races
  • Capture the Flag
  • Water Activity
  • Archery
  • Lakefront swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Relaxation
  • Aerobics
  • Skits
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Painting

The beauty of it all is that these enriching camp experiences take place in the context of the Orthodox church and our role as Christians on this earth.  The serene and majestically beautiful surroundings of camp only add further to this experience, teaching campers and teens to appreciate, love and care for their surroundings, the Lord’s manifold works.

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